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Your Guide to Most Adorable Ring Bearer Outfits

Ring Bearer & Flower Girl Twirling

The moment before the bride waltzes down the aisle, it’s time for a very special team of tiny tots to warm up the crowd: the ring bearer and the flower girl. Even kid-free weddings typically invite these two sweet helpers to the ceremony. The flower girl usually has a range of crinoline-covered dresses to twirl around in, but what does the ring bearer wear?

Traditionally, the ring bearer is the first of the younger wedding party members to make his way toward the altar, delighting the audience of guests in anything from a child-size tux to a gingham shirt, baby bow tie, and saddle shoes. Ring bearer outfits are front-and-center in the wedding spotlight these days, striking a balance between adorably stylish and comfy enough for a night of celebration.

We’re loving the range of ring bearer outfits couples are choosing for today. Though ring bearer outfits typically match the colors of the wedding party, personalized styles are making more of an appearance on the wedding scene. Khakis, suspenders, and matching bow ties are a big hit right now, especially with vintage touches like wingtips and knee-high socks. You may even spot fun accessories like newsies caps or fedoras.

In this guide, we’ll break down how to build an affordable ring bearer outfit that makes your littlest wedding party the star of the ceremony.


How to Choose a Ring Bearer Outfit for Your Wedding

Start off by making a basic ring bearer checklist. On a basic level, you’ll need:

● A button-up or polo shirt
● Khaki or suit pants (or shorts for a summer wedding)
Suspenders or belt
● Socks
● Optional accessories such a hat, vest, or sweater
● The ring pillow, box, or sign

Wedding expert Jaimie Mackey explains that the formality of your ring bearer outfit should match the formality of the rest of the wedding. If you’re throwing a black-tie affair, consider a kid-friendly black-and-white outfit. Throwing a casual garden soiree? No need to get the ring bearer all gussied up if the rest of the group is wearing khakis.

Ring Bearer Outfit Styles

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Since a ring bearer ranges in age anywhere from 1 to 12, be sure to choose an outfit that will make him feel comfy and confident as he focuses on his important role. Here are a few styles you can take when styling the ring bearer:

1. Traditional suit and tie
2. Child’s tux and bow tie
3. Casual pants or chinos, button-up shirt, and matching bow tie
4. Dress pants, suspenders, and matching bow tie
5. Jeans, plaid shirt, and cowboy hat

Each of these adorable options creates opportunities to choose clothing and accessories that match your wedding day design. We’ll start from the ground up to style your ring bearer so he’s looking snazzy and comfortable enough for the dance floor.

Ring Bearer Tops

There are so many fun directions to take your patterns, colors, and styles in shirts for ring bearers. If you’re marrying in warm weather, consider a linen blend that matches your tropical setting, especially if you can pair it with shorts or even dressy children’s sandals.

For a rustic, farm-chic look, consider a gingham or plaid button-up shirt with colored suspenders and a matching bowtie. Add a tan or navy-blue vest to tie the whole look together.

You can also keep him comfy by choosing a simple polo shirt or—if your ring bearer is still a toddler—choose an over-the-head shirt that looks like a button-up without the restrictive feel.

On the fence about a little suit jacket for the ring bearer? You can always ask him to wear one for family photos but let him walk down the aisle without it for comfort. In any event, match the style of the jacket with the groom’s party. Opt for a light linen jacket in warmer weather or a cozy tweed in the winter.

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Ring Bearer Pants

Typically, pants colors are a neutral enough tone to blend in with the style of the wedding. Most groomsmen opt for gray, tan, beige, blue or black pants.

If you’re throwing a bright and colorful, boho-chic wedding, however, dress him up in jewel-tones slacks and match it with a cream or copper bow tie. When you choose something more traditional like black suit pants, khakis or jeans, go all out with the colorful accessories in the little one’s favorite colors.

For younger toddlers, keep them comfy in soft cotton pants that allow him to get down the aisle as comfortably as possible.

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Ring Bearer Accessories

This is truly where you can let your style sense shine. Have some fun with the ring bearer’s accessories, whether it be matching suspender and bowtie sets, vests and ties, a patterned belt or a small fedora. These small touches help him stand out from the rest of the younger party guests and feel a part of the groom’s party.

If you’re buying gifts for everyone in the wedding, consider an accessory item like a tie bar or pocket square that you can also give to the ring bearer so he can feel a part of the team.

Ring Bearer Shoes

The easiest way to tie an outfit together is by choosing a great pair of shoes. Designers now make kid-friendly versions of classic kicks for young boys, including:

● Saddle shoes
● Wingtips
● Leather moccasins
● Penny loafers
● Slip-on boat shoes
● Oxfords

If you choose a multi-colored pair, such as a white-and-navy-blue set of saddle shoes, match it up with a corresponding blue bow tie, white shirt, and pair of gray pants.

Ring Bearer Socks

You may overlook this extra pop of personality, but it can be one of the cutest things about a ring bearer’s outfit. If your ring bearer is younger, consider pairing dress shoes with knee-high socks that match the color of his shirt or bowtie. Is your ring bearer a little older? Let him pick out socks that match those of the groomsmen, so he feels part of the pack.

For a more traditional wedding, match the ring bearer’s socks to his shoes—black sock for black shoes, for example. However, though these are the rules for formal wear for the older bunch, you are allowed to bend the rules a bit for the kids. Even if he’s in an all-black tux, consider adding a bit of color with red, blue, or green socks, for example.

Ring Bearer Outfit Colors

Couples are moving away from the traditional color schemes, opting for complementary palettes like jewel tones, spring pastels, and earthy neutrals. This gives you a little more flexibility to play with the colors of your ring bearer’s outfit. Here are a few favorite color and pattern combinations for ring bearers for your upcoming wedding:


Boys don’t need to stick to greens, yellows, and blues if they don’t like. Pair pale pink or lavender suspenders with a gingham bow tie. Layer pastels with light earth tones like tan pants, white or cream shirts, and brown dress shoes.

Yellow and Navy Blue

A wedding-color favorite for summer and the seaside, choose navy blue accessories on top of a pale-yellow shirt with blue dress slacks. This works particularly well if your wedding flowers and boutonnieres include yellow, white or cream-colored flowers.

Fall Hues

Prepping to get married on a rustic farm in under the string lights of a barn? Brick red accents and style options are becoming a big hit in men’s fashion, even for the little ones. Choose deep red, brown, or tan pants to pair with a light-colored top and tan vest. You can pull in another complementary fall color in their bow tie or suspenders.


Simplicity can be the key to an elegant wedding design, even in little choices like ring bearer accessories. If you’re sticking to an even palette with cream, white, rose, or pale blue, choose equally light colors for the ring bearer suit. Dress them up in tan pants or shorts with a tucked button-up shirt and bow tie for a casual yet wedding-ready look. If you want to add a burst of color, match their hat or bow tie to their shoes.

Boho Chic

As we mentioned earlier, bohemian-style weddings are opening the door to a rainbow of creative jewel tones mixed with a balance of soft neutrals. This is a chance to go a bit more casual if your little ring bearer doesn’t want to don a full suit. Consider khaki pants in one of the vibrant colors of the wedding and skip the vest and jacket with a comfortable button-up. Add a fun hat or bow tie to round out the look and be sure to send him down the aisle with a great prop.

Ring Bearer Signs and Pillows

Your little guy has one of the most important jobs during the ceremony: to deliver those rings! If carrying the ring is a little too much responsibility, some couples are reinventing the ring-bearer role by asking him to walk down the aisle with a painted sign that gives the room a giggle.

Remember that these items may incorporate some of the colors and textures from your wedding design as well. Here are a few options for ring bearer props:

● Ring Pillows: Go the traditional route by tying the rings on a colored ribbon in the center of a white pillow.
● Ring boxes: Some couples are now opting for unique boxes, baskets, or even mini suitcases for an adorable delivery moment.
● Ring Bearer Sign: Announce the bride with a sweet hand-painted sign that sends a sweet message to the groom before this emotional moment of the wedding.

Quick note: Many couples no longer attach the actual wedding rings to the pillow during the ceremony, especially if the ring bearer is on the younger side.

There are endless opportunities to make your little ring bearer the star of the show. Coordinate your colors by buying all your ring bearer accessories from one spot. Request color swatches or pick out your groomsmen and ring bearer outfits to ensure a cohesive look on the big day.