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Your Comprehensive Guide to Buying Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen Gift Guide

Your best guys have been by your side the moment you announced you wanted to pop the question. They threw your bachelor party, traveled across the country for your big day, and stood by your side through every twist and turn in between. Choosing a personalized groomsmen gift is your moment to show how much their hard work has made an impression on your life.

We recommend going one of two directions when picking out a groomsmen gift that leaves a lasting impression: buying matching gifts or choosing a unique gift for each guy. The Knot also recommends picking out something special for your Best Man, as he’s often the one who led the pack.

In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know about buying the best groomsmen gift, whether you celebrate your best man’s love of hiking or your groomsmen’s affinity for craft beer. Read on to find ways to bring your guys together and kick off the celebrations of your wedding weekend.


    3.1. Brews and booze
          a. Flasks
          b. Shot glasses
          c. Beer gift sets
          d. Whiskey gift set
          a. Bow tie and suspender sets
          b. Cufflinks
          c. Tie clips
          d. Funny socks
     3.4. Practical gifts
     3.5. Funny groomsmen gifts
           a. Novelty drinking glass
           b. Golf gift sets
           c. Gamer sets

How Much Should I Spend on a Groomsmen Gift?

After planning a costly event, family and wedding party gifts might get pushed to the end of the list. However, after months of spending, planning, and rearranging by your wedding team, this is your chance to truly show your thanks.

Gift specialists at Groomsmen Central recommend that gifts should fall between 10 and 30 percent of what you asked each groomsman to spend on your wedding. Let’s say each groomsman spent $300 on a suit, $500 on travel, and $200 each on your bachelor party. With about a $1000 bill for being in the wedding party, these rules dictate spending at least $100 per groomsmen. Be sure to calculate out how much your best man spent as well, just in case this was a bit higher.

If you have 5-6 groomsmen, the cost of groomsmen gifts can wrack up pretty quickly. When your budget doesn’t allow for such a large price tag, lean on personalized gifts that make a big statement without breaking the bank.

How to Personalize Your Groomsmen Gifts

Adding a personalized touch to a groomsmen gift sends the message that you took a little more time to transform an item into something just for them. For example, a personalized gift might:

● Include your groomsman’s name or initials

● Feature a photo

● Include an inscription of a quote or personal message

● Include colors, designs, and patterns that showcase your groomsmen’s style

You don’t have to be crafty to come up with a personalized present. Leave that to the artistic pros. Check out websites like Etsy or support independent sellers on Amazon for truly unique items. You can also consult websites like Zazzle or Shutterfly for photo-related gifts, especially if you need a quick turnaround.

Personalizing a gift is one of the best ways to remind you guys of your wedding day with something both meaningful and useful.

Types of Groomsmen Gifts

Begin narrowing down your choices by picking out the category that best sums up your groomsmen style. Here are some of the most common types of presents to buy for all your best men.

Brews and Booze

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Alcohol-related gifts are an excellent go-to for the bunch that loves vintage whiskey, hard-to-find craft beer, or fine wine. You can also pair a fine bottle with endless customizable accessories and drinkware, such as:


Give you guys a laugh by printing their likeness on the front of a stainless steel set of flasks. Take the more serious route by adding their names and role in the wedding on a matching collection of black-and-silver flasks. Include your wedding date and a personalized message for an extra touch.

Shot Glasses

Gather up your guys for a pre-wedding toast with personalized shot glasses that commemorate one of the largest parties you get to share together. Pair these hand-painted groomsmen shot glasses with the matching flasks above. You can also go the simpler route by choosing classic shot glasses with all the wedding details etched in your choice of font.

Beer Gift Sets

Celebrating your mutual passion for craft beer makes for a fun and interactive gift set. Gather up a collection of your favorite locally made brews and gift them the accessories they need to enjoy a tasting. These may include matching koozies, personalized bottle openers, or a range of pint glasses that highlight your hobbies or include their names. Go a more comical route with bottle opener gift sets that include a code of conduct for each of your guys.

Whiskey Gift Set

A fine whiskey is an iconic groomsmen gift, especially when paired with the proper accoutrement. Consider a gift set of whiskey glasses and stones, for example. Give them a place to display their new vintage with an elegant decanter.

Adventure Groomsmen Gifts

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Are your groomsmen avid hikers, hunters, or fishermen? Grab them all the gear they wouldn’t splurge on themselves, especially if you plan an outing together after the wedding.

Here are a few favorite gift ideas:

All-in-one tactical pen

Carved pocket knife

Portable grilling kit

Personalized axes

Engraved fire starter

Wardrobe Groomsmen Gifts

On top of a new suit, shirt, and shoes, check one thing off your groomsmen’s list by surprising them with all the necessary accessories like bow ties and neckties. Choose a customizable gift box and fill it up with all the color-matching items to keep them looking sharp on the big day.

Bowtie and Suspender Set

If you ask your guys to wear matching bow ties and suspenders for the wedding, package them up in a personalized tie box. Include a note inside the box about how much their support has meant throughout these months of planning.


Cufflinks are one of the easiest ways to add a unique touch of flair to your groomsmen’s look. Pick out a handcrafted set of cufflinks that will match their style both at the wedding and for formal affairs for the future.

Tie Clips

Need an extra accessory in your tie gift box? Include monogrammed tie clips in silver, gold, or black. Be sure to grab one for your own outfit as well.

Funny Socks

Break free from the formality groomsmen wear with a fun accessory to show off in photos. These superhero socks and tuxedo socks add a pop of personality to another otherwise straightforward outfit.

Practical Gifts

Practical gifts are useful beyond the wedding weekend, whether they aid with travel, spruce up his home, or even keeping his face look clean and sharp for the wedding. This category of groomsmen gifts could also include iconic presents like a new watch with a personalized gift box or classic money clip.

Here are a few of our top picks:
● Monogrammed leather toiletry kit
● Leather valet tray with a quote, date, or message
● Men’s skincare starter kit
● Leather tech organizer and wallet
● Monogrammed watch and sunglasses box
● Leather money clip with initials

Funny Groomsmen Gifts

As the bride and groom, you get to set the tone of the wedding day. Pick out a playful present that will give them a good laugh before you all walk down the aisle together.

Novelty Drinking Glass

Great for wedding photos, pick out a collection of comical beer glasses with a personalized message. For example, this dumbbell beer glass is perfect for the gym enthusiasts in your group while this cocktail mug is great for both coffee and whiskey on the rocks.

Golf Gift Sets

Planning on playing a few rounds together during your wedding weekend? Surprise your group with some not-so-appropriate novelty golf balls and a golf ball whiskey snifter for afterward.

Gamer Sets

Grab a set of gamer t-shirts before the bachelor party or to show off after the reception. You can even pair them with Playstation controller cufflinks that blend perfectly with black-tie weddings.

Your groomsmen are far more than your bachelor party buddies and wedding day assistants. They’re the team ready to support you from proposal to marriage and everything that comes after. Once you’ve picked out a groomsmen outfit that represents your wedding-day style, pick out the perfect gift to show off how much they mean to you.