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Show Off Your Style: Your Groom and Groomsmen Attire Guide

Groom and Groomsmen Attire Guide

Even as wedding trends change, they’ve always been about following the rules. Women lock-step down the aisle in identical dresses while groomsmen blend into the ceremony decor like chameleons. After the wedding, the bridesmaids hide their oddly hued frock in the back of their closet and men return their rented wedding wardrobe without a second thought. Times, however, are quickly changing for the better. More and more, both brides and grooms are taking the opportunity to show off their fashion sense down the aisle and across the dance floor.

Not only are we moving past the days of predictable groom’s wear, we’re sprinting past it. Men and women alike are exploring the power of a tweed jacket, a perfectly fitted tux, or a statement accessory like a playful bow tie or a pair of bold suspenders. Bridesmaids are wearing mismatched dresses that make them feel comfortable. Wedding parties are paying more attention to the small details like socks, shoes, jewelry and hats. Overall, couples bridging the gap between old traditions and new trends.

Below you’ll find our stress-free guide to finding the wedding day look that works for you and your groom’s party. And remember, just because funkier options are making their way onto the wedding scene, doesn’t mean the classic look isn’t just as powerful a statement. Our guide explores many ways to expand your personal look, whether you want to add a small personalized accent or don colorful wing-tips and a pair of superhero socks.

      1.1. Black Tie Formal
      1.2. Modern Traditional
      1.3. Rustic
      1.4. Country and Camo
      1.5. Vintage
      1.6. Nautical and Beachside
      1.8. Boho-Chic
      1.9. Whimsical
     1.10. Gatsby-Inspired
     1.11. Disney Fairytale
     1.12. Old Fashioned Southern

Common Wedding Themes and Wardrobes

There are countless buzzwords in the wedding world when it comes to theme and formality. We’ve outlined some of the top wedding color schemes and style trends to both spark inspiration and guide you through the maze of today’s terms.

Use this as your quick reference guide as a rundown of our wedding themes above and other popular trends you may see today:

Black-tie formal: Think black tuxes with either matching black bow tie and suspender sets. Both sides of the wedding aisle can add luxe accents like jewelry, top hats and men’s accessories with a bit of flash.

Modern Traditional: A creative twist on the traditional wedding. Groomsmen may still match their ties or shirts to the color of the bridesmaid dresses but they have the freedom to expand throughout the color palette. Men can play with fun fabrics that match the unique venue or decor.

Rustic: This popular theme is seen throughout the country in barns and farm weddings as well as country church ceremonies. Gray, khaki or linen pants pair with brown leather suspenders and bow ties or a waistcoat. Men may add newsies caps or wildflower boutonniere.

Country and Camo: Couples with an affinity for the countryside may incorporate cowboy boots and hats into their wedding look. Some even weave iconic patterns like camo into their sock or tie choices.

Vintage: Brides and grooms pull from a more delicate era, incorporate pastels, lace, and softer accessories into their look. Men may pair petal bowtie with the bridesmaid’s gentle pink dresses.

Nautical and Beachside: Take a cue from the natural surroundings and wear breathable fabrics for a seaside soiree. Balance navy blue, yellow, tan, and soft blue to pick up the beach palette.

Backyard and Garden Parties: Keep it casual yet classy by wearing what makes you comfortable. Pick up the floral patterns of the garden or yard around you with deep green suits, floral ties or tan suits.

Boho-Chic: Boho weddings are packed with vibrant jewel tones and focus on lush flowers and decor. Men can be casual or traditional while incorporating these colors into their outfits.

Whimsical: If you have a flair for the arts, don’t hold back. Theme your wedding after a favorite storybook, style or era with nods to your theme throughout decor and wardrobe.

Gatsby-Inspired: Roaring 20s and classic Art-Deco weddings are popular today, incorporating black, white, and gold into wardrobe and decor while including playful flapper accessories.

Disney Fairytale: Whether you’re marrying in the parks or closer to home, add a touch of Disney to your wedding with small accents like a red bowtie for Mickey or blue, white and red outfit a la Prince Eric.

Old Fashioned Southern: Show off the style of an old southern garden party with the men in linen suits and matching bow ties and suspenders.

Black Tie Wedding Trends

Black Tie Wedding Attire

The classic black-tie wedding never goes out of fashion. If there’s one time to ask your loved ones to don their best floor-length gown, tuxedo and cumberbund, it’s your wedding day. A traditional wedding does not mean you can’t express your unique personality in your outfit, however. Small accents of personalized style will actually stand out more on a black-and-white palette.

In general, grooms, groomsmen and male guests in black-tie wedding wear a white or pearl tuxedo shirt, a black tuxedo, a black bow tie, suspenders or a cumberbund, black shoes and cufflinks. Black tie weddings are traditionally held in the evening in a grandiose space that reflects the formality of the fashion. Church ceremonies, formal ballroom receptions, or luxe estate gardens are popular picks for these events. As the designers of your own event, you can choose to celebrate with black-tie attire in any location. Couples throw formal events on the beach, at their country club, or even in a formal backyard wedding.

Check out a few trends for making a black-tie wedding unique to your style:

Black, white and metallics: Metallics like silver, gold and rose gold naturally work their way into a wedding style, especially in accents like jewelry, tablescapes, and suspender braces. These small accents pick up the light while creating a subtle thread of color that ties the look together.

Rented vs. Bought: Groom’s typically choose to rent tuxes for their big day unless they have ample opportunities to rewear the tux or formal suit on another occasion. Renting saves money on alterations, especially as you change body types as you get older. Instead of buying the whole outfit, purchase accent items that you can wear and cherish for a lifetime.

Black or Blue Velvet: New fabrics and textures are making their way onto the black-tie scene. The extra luster of the fabric gives a unique look to the outfit. Groomsmen can either match the velvet look or wear a slightly different color or fabric that allows the groom to stand out. Pair your velvet suit with a sharp black or gray bow tie.

White Tie: The only step above black-tie style is white tie. Add a white bow tie to either a black or white tuxedo to take your formality to the next level. 

Modern Traditional Wedding Trends

The most popular type of wedding style today is the range of modern-traditional nuptials. Guests typically see the words “cocktail attire,” “evening wear” or even something out of the box such as “boho-chic” on their wedding invitation. A study by The Knot found that formal weddings decreased four percent between 2009 and 2017, with more natural, rustic, and unique venue spaces and styles taking the place of black-tie events.

Venue and event design options have broadened their horizons as well. Couples throw their soiree in a barn, by the beach, in a bed and breakfast, in a winery or brewery, at a country club or in a swanky city loft. These venues play just as large a role in setting the tone for the afternoon or evening as a formal, black-tie event space. They dictate wardrobe color choices, style and level of formality.

The floodgates of DIY weddings and creative choices opened with the spread of ideas across the online wedding scene. With this came the movement away from traditions like matching bridesmaids dresses. For example, a study by WeddingWire found an 18% increase in mismatched bridesmaids dresses since 2015. More than a third of bridal parties are now mixed-gendered as well.

How does this affect groomsmen wedding wear? Without the traditional “match the bridesmaid” rule, couples and their parties are branching out in several ways:

Suit Color: Both groom and groomsmen are exploring the power of a non-black suit. Slate blue, navy, tan, gray are popular for warm-weathered weddings. Deeper hues like burgundy, midnight blue and forest green appear in the winter. Men often offset these statement suits with complementary or matching ties, bow ties and suspenders.

Suit Material: Men are having a bit more fun with their suit material as well, opting for linens in the summer, lustrous velvets in the winter and a classic tweed in the fall.

Playful accents: Patterns, bright colors, and mismatched accessories are making their way on the groomsmen scene. These include matching or themed socks, tie tacks, neckties, or cufflinks. Mix and match colors of your bowties for example, moving through the rainbow or a collection of different reds or greens for each guy.

Modern take on accessories: Weddings are a chance to bring back a touch of class from a different time. Men and young boys in the groom’s party are pairing matching hats with the theme of the wedding including classic fedoras, top hats or newsies caps. The classic suspenders look without a jacket also create a unique photo option for variety.

Casual Wedding Trends

Many couples today are looking to have a more personal, low-key celebration where they can both save money and take pressure off the wedding experience. Casual weddings also open up more venue ideas. Imagine an elopement or small ceremony in a public park, a small gathering in the back of your favorite restaurant, or even a casual gathering by the shoreline in your favorite beach town. Couples can still look their best, but the sky is the limit when it comes to mixing and matching colors, patterns, and styles.

This casual wedding trend is flipping traditional wardrobe on its head. Vibrant patterns are making their way into the mix, especially floral patterns that incorporate the wedding colors or the natural surroundings of the venue. Maxi dresses are often replacing tailored bridesmaid gowns, giving a soft bohemian look to the bridal party ideal for an easygoing celebration.

These casual looks are not just for the ladies either. Men are tossing out the three-piece suit plan and donning dress pants, white or colored shirts and suspenders. Some choose to add a vest for a slightly more structured style. In some ceremonies, the groom will wear a full suit while the groomsmen will take the more casual look to let him shine in the spotlight.

Couples should be clear to specify the dress code in their invitations. Though the casual trend is on the rise, guests may be concerned about being under-dressed for the event. Let them know on the invitation and your wedding website what level of informality is ideal for your celebration.

Here are a few emerging trends for grooms and groomsmen in the casual wedding movement:

Themed accessories: Grooms parties are choosing to show off their shared love of comics, sports teams, or making a big statement by matching superhero socks, sports-themed cufflinks, or a mix of vibrant colors in their accessories.

Outdoor Comfort: When a couple gets hitched surrounded by wildflowers, sandy shores, or surrounded by the towering forest, it’s best to be dressed for the elements. Breathable fabrics, a jacket-free look are balanced by fun accessories.

Color Layering: Grooms are building their own color palette by layering a pastel button-up with a gray or tan vest. A complementary bow tie, perhaps one that matches the color of their pants or vest, balance out the overall look.

Comfortable Shoes: Both men and women are opting for dance-floor-friendly shoes. Men’s shoes are getting a bit more casual, at times even going for colorful Chuck Taylor’s that match their bow ties or suspenders.

It’s no wonder the wedding gown has become such an iconic symbol for the ladies—feeling sharp on your wedding day can change your whole experience. When planning your groom’s wear for your upcoming wedding, don’t be afraid to break free from the old rules of style. Choose a variation on a theme that speaks to you. Armoniia provides everything you need to tie your look together, whether you’re sporting a black-tie wardrobe or wedding in a casual garden ceremony.