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Top 6 Ideas For Best Alternative Wedding Dresses

It is quite understandable to want a traditional style dress to stand out in your wedding pictures, after all current trends have continued because they look good. But wedding dress shopping outside of the bridal section can be a good idea too.

You're sick of traditional wedding gowns, and you're looking for something unique? In that dream, you are not alone. Many brides today are not restricted to choosing a traditional white dress and are searching for something unique for their special day to make an unforgettable image.

Not only does the wedding dress need to be beautiful and sit well but it also has to show the bride's personality. If you don't believe the conventional gown is for you, don't stress about choosing the alternative version you'll feel comfortable with. You'll also impress the wedding guests with your creative look by choosing the dress of a non-standard color or model and they'll remember your wedding for a long time.

If you're on the market to wear an alternative outfit for your wedding, you'll find some inspiration here to break many of the untold wedding dress rules. Some are bridal-specific, some aren't, but all of your photos should look unbelievable.

So let's continue and find the most amazing ideas for alternative wedding gowns, which will be perfect alternatives to traditional wedding gowns.


Short Wedding Dresses

Photo by Zoriana Stakhniv on Unsplash

As we talk about non-traditional wedding gowns, many of us begin to think about short dresses. Yes, this style is becoming increasingly popular, and it has many advantages.

First of all, the convenience of having a short dress. Just a few of us  wear long dresses and skirts in everyday life and you may feel uncomfortable wearing one for your wedding day. The short dress makes life easier - your legs will feel free and will not flounder on the long dress.

A short dress may be showing off your beautiful legs as an alternative to traditional wedding dresses. If you're a bold bride, choose a mini. If you are looking for more modest wedding dresses option, give preference to gowns in the knee-length.

Keep in mind the tea length wedding dresses as well. They look extremely trendy. These are more comfortable than the long ones. They are also cover up more and help to look more humble than a knee length dress.

People tend to think a short dress doesn't seem to be festive. That is incorrect. The shorts look luxurious just like the long ones. It depends on the wedding venue. Once adorned with luxurious lace or rhinestones, the gown is an absolute equal substitution for a traditional dress.

Wedding Pantsuits and Jumpsuits

Most people think that business ladies and those who marry for the second or third time prefer wedding pantsuits. It was true in the past, but nowadays, the selection of pantsuits is so incredible that even a young and romantic girl may look extremely cool in it.

This alternative to wedding dresses looks better in white color as the colorful option can make it look too ordinary. This suit can later be worn for other occasions as well. Also, the cream, powder and pastel pink shades are appropriate for the wedding.

Undoubtedly, pantsuits and overalls are very convenient. It’s very easy to put them on and a bride doesn’t need the help of her bridesmaids as in the case with the classic dress. Moreover, suits and overalls are usually rather light and don’t cause any unpleasant feelings when you put them on. This alternative for wedding dresses is also appropriate for whatever weather may be. Also, if you want to add a bit of classic to the suit, choose a skirt instead of pants. For instance, it can be a short fluffy skirt and a lace top.

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Photo by Thomas AE on Unsplash

Vintage wedding gowns have won many brides ' hearts already. The sophisticated designs and beautiful retro dress models draw attention and help the brides appear as if they were real ladies. They are perfect for bright and creative girls, who aren’t afraid of experiments.

Vintage dresses are often made as an alternative to white wedding dresses in numerous color variations from saturated to pastel shades. As a rule, flowing fabrics are used for this kind of dress. They are usually decorated with sequins, beads, spangles, and fringes.

Retro dresses can, of course, be of different lengths. The short robes are as common as those long. The silhouettes also differ. The dress can be fitting or fluffy. However, one of the favorites is the empire waist dresses. They look great at any length.

A vintage dress can be complemented with bright accessories like a luxurious necklace, an exquisite brooch, little handbag, long gloves or a waistband. Also, a hat or some other vintage hair accessories may be used and serve as a final touch in the creation of the retro look.

Ethnic Wedding Dresses

While thinking about the options for alternative wedding dresses, you may draw inspiration from various cultures and traditions of other countries. The ethnically inspired dresses look cool and unforgettable.

For example, you can choose the dress with Native American motifs such as embroidery and decorative feathers. If you can't find the right dress, you can buy the ordinary one, but use Native American accessories to complement it.

Wedding Gowns with Unusual Décor

Quite simply, if you aren’t ready to experiment with the dress color and style, feel free to play with the decoration. A wedding dress can be decorated not only with lace, ribbons, rhinestones, and beads. There are many more variations on how to make your dress look fantastic.

One of the ideas is to add flowers. The floral dress is perfect for the wedding in summer. There are dozens of ways to use them to decorate the dress. We particularly like the idea of using huge flowers in volume and 3d applications.

Alternative wedding robes plus size, however, do not always look good with massive flowers. Such decorations may create additional volume, which can visually add extra inches. The solution is to choose dresses with floral prints and avoid 3d applications.

Another way to impress the guests at your wedding is a dress with feathers. As a rule, the top of such a dress is rather conservative, and the skirt is lined in whole or in part with ostrich feathers.

The tenders and touching look can be created by a dress decorated with butterflies. Tiny butterflies can be used to decorate the top and skirt as well as to decorate the veil.

By and large, there are many other ways of how to decorate the wedding dress creatively. Among the craziest ideas is the decor with balloons, buttons, paper, plastic, candies, etc. Many brides also pour in the paint to make them shine on their wedding gowns.

Bright Colored Wedding Dresses

Photo by Raj Rana on Unsplash

A wedding dress doesn't have to be white or cream only. Nowadays, wedding gowns in pastel colors are rather trendy. The light pink and powder colors are at the peak of popularity. The dresses in other light colors like blue and mint also look extremely cool.

A wedding dress can be also bright. For example, alternative wedding dresses in green and orange look very fresh and there are surely only a few brides, who will make up their minds to wear the dresses in such non-classic colors.

While in India, a red dress is one of the best choices for a bride, in the United States, it’s still considered to be rather provocative. We see nothing bad in the red wedding dress. Depending on the dress style, the bride may look rather tender and romantic in red. Moreover, the gown can combine the red color with white or cream for a more moderate look.

Another cool idea of a creative wedding dress is the one with the watercolor effect. If you can’t decide what color is best for your wedding dress, choose several colors together. The gown, which looks like a watercolor picture is unforgettable. The light flowing fabrics are the most suitable for such dresses.

So, there is nothing bad in deviation from traditions and choosing a wedding dress, which makes you stand out from the rest of the brides. The alternative wedding dresses, which we have discussed above, are great examples of how you can look creative, but extremely fantastic.

Now, stop hesitating and choose the dress that you like and not the one everyone else wants to see you in. If you want a pantsuit instead of a dress, buy it. If you want to break all the rules by one of the alternative gothic wedding dresses, do that. It’s your wedding day and you have a right to look the way you want.