Childhood is when it all begins and those childhood memories stay with us for the rest of our life. Let’s make sure those are happy and bright memories!

We’re proudly supporting family type orphanages in Eastern Europe, Ukraine and helping them create their family traditions.

So, what are family type orphanages? They started popping up massively in Ukraine in the late 1990s – early 2000s when big hearted families would adopt 5 – 15 children from government- run orphanages and raise them as their own children.

Children in government-run orphanages in Ukraine do not receive proper care and attention and a lot of them are growing up undeveloped, some of them can’t walk at the age of 2-3 yrs, can’t speak at the age of 5, or end up developing severe health conditions.

As the movement of family type orphanages was growing in Ukraine, they formed a network of families Moya Rodyna (Ukrainian for My Family) to support each other and work with the government. They’re still going thru a lot of struggles on a daily basis and can use any outside help they can get.

Here’re just a few of these families.


Natalya and Yuriy Yarosh have two of their own children and adopted 12 more over the years all in bad shape and with special medical conditions. They go after children who no one else wants as they realize that those children will not get help from anyone else. In 2014 they adopted a 2-year old boy who was very close to death and required an immediate heart surgery! Yuriy, the boy is now a part of a big happy family.